Legal Highs

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We supply you with pure lab tested legal highs delivered to your door. Come inside and browse our products you will be amazed at what we have to offer. We ship our ethnobotanicals, legal highs and party pills world-wide and hydroponics equipment and you can also purchase with complete anonymity using Bitcoin. We stock many unique and powerful legal highs that you won't find anywhere else!

From the early beginnings of our first shop, customers have always praised our legal highs selection, prices, and flair for the imaginative. Ten years ago, our first legal highs retail shop opened up, specialising in smoking paraphernalia, piercing jewellery and giftware. The shop still stands in St. Albans although we've moved through four different locations since then, including an outlet in London's busy Leicester Square.

We launched our online legal highs shop in 2011. Using updated technology and what we felt to be a more intuitive design, backing this up with excellent customer service and very low prices we knew the site would be a great success.

Just how successful, however, none of us could have predicted. Receiving an average of 50 million hits a month, We are arguably the world's biggest head shop website.
We've been featured in almost every major newspaper, on radio and television. We've had a presence at many major smoking events, summer festivals and regularly crop up in topical online publications.

But it doesn't end there!
Our team are continuously striving to offer you the best possible service, quality and value for money. We have just spent the last 6 months creating a brand new website; chock full of fantastic new features and legal highs! Now, you can really tailor your shopping experience with us - with full order tracking, member accounts, wish lists and even notification e-mails to let you know as soon as an item is back in stock!

The new site, aside from looking absolutely fantastic and being a lot faster than the old one, also saves our staff lots of time in processing orders. This means we can concentrate on spending time finding more great new products for you and keeping your favourite head shop website as up-to-date as possible.

No need to hide your stuff and no more deals with shabby crooks in backstreets. And the best part of it is - you don't even have to leave your home to obtain your desired products. Browse our extensive selection of legal highs and you'll be amazed about the amount of products available. Energizers, psychoactive herbs, plants, seeds and all sorts of party drug alternatives - all in one place: Legal High Labs.