B.R.E.A.M (bitcoin rules everything around me)

B.R.E.A.M (bitcoin rules everything around me)

Contrary to popular belief, Legal Highs Store was the first online based head-shop & alternative lifestyle community to start accepting Bitcoin payments, so if anyone ever tells you otherwise just call them a dirty liar and point them in our direction. We temporarily stopped taking Bitcoin a while back, but as of today our payment facilities are up and running once more, meaning you can purchase absolutely anything from our legal highs & accessories range in exchange for your Bitcoin.

For the uninitiated amongst you, Bitcoin is an innovative form of decentralised virtual currency. These payments aren’t authorised by banks or national authorities, but rather through rapid peer-to-peer technology, meaning transactions can occur through-out the world instantly and directly between businesses and individuals.

We’ve worked very hard to ensure these facilities are absolutely secure and safe. We’re not scared of pesky Bitcoin thieves sitting in their mums basements eating Oreo ice cream sandwiches, and neither should you! Help us drive forward the virtual currency revolution by spending your Bitcoins here.

As if you needed any more encouragement, we’ll be launching our Bitcoin facilities with a brand new deal for first-time buyers. Make your first order using bitcoin and Legal Highs Store will cover the cost of up to £50 worth of products. We’ll be sending out the all-important discount coupon codes via email, so check your inboxes (or spam folders) and you’re good to go.

If crypto-currencies still confuse you, get in touch and we’ll gladly enlighten you further.