Medicinal cannabis in the UK on the horizon?

Medicinal cannabis in the UK on the horizon?

The minister in charge of drug strategy Norman Baker (as a typical party loving Liberal Democrat) has called on the government to relax laws on cannabis in the UK. He has cited the mounting evidence of marijuana’s medicinal properties as his motive, and the positive effects these properties could have on individuals in need. Mr. Baker has noted that ‘credible people’ in British society are having to break the law by seeking to alleviate the their illnesses, and that recourses are being wasted on prosecuting these people.

The minister has today written to the health secretary Jeremy Hunt to propose a new model of regulated medical grade weed. Studies have shown that cannabinoids can help alleviate some symptoms of various illnesses including epilepsy, cancer, and multiple sclerosis.

Currently in the UK, cannabis based medical professionals must operate in secrecy in order to provide for their patients. We’ve previously covered the Bud Buddies organisation in detail, who covertly sell medical cannabis oil to cancer patients.

In his letter to the health minister, Mr. Baker stated;

“I think it is time to reconsider medicinal properties of cannabis, given what I’ve learned in my role as a minister. I’ve seen more and more evidence that cannabis can provide genuine medical benefits to treat a number of conditions. There is a growing body of research that shows the medical properties of chemical components of cannabis.

I am uncomfortable that there are credible people I have met who tell me that cannabis is the only substance that helps relieve their condition but not only are they stopped from accessing it officially but have to break the law to help their health.

The UK has long been far behind on medical cannabis regulation; the USA, as well as many of our EU neighbours have already begun experimenting with new cannabis legislation and reaping the economical and social benefits that the UK could sorely do with.

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