• Salvia Divinorum Extract x10 Strength Legal High

Known by its full name as Salvia divinorum, Salvia is one of the most popular psychoactive and oldest legal high plants on earth. Its native habitat is in Cloud Forest in the isolated Sierra Mazateca region in Oaxaca, Mexico, its first recorded use being among the Mazatec Indian tribes living there. They used Salvia as a healing agent, as well as a hallucinogenic for use during shamanic rituals to induce visions of the gods. The divinorum title stems from the plants traditional association with the divine and spiritual healing.

Its primary psychoactive constituent is the structurally unique organic chemical named Salvinorin A. Unlike in most other psychoactive ethnobotanicals, Salvinorin A is not an alkaloid compound. There are many methods of administration that have been reported, including boiling the leaves as a tea, drying the plant out and inhaling the fumes, or crushing and eating them.

If you’re ready for a new reality, our Salvia Divinorum is ready to take you there. Thanks to the special formula we use, which involves extracting pure Salvinorin-A from the plant itself before then redepositing it over its dried leaves, you’ll get a high like never before. Customers who have used our product have reported dreamlike states that took them to another place or time. Others felt their bodies merging with the world that surrounded them. That’s because our skilled chemists understand how to prepare the perfect formula and leave out harmful components like plant matter that would hurt your lungs. 3 grams at x10 strength

Salvia Divinorum Extract x10 Strength Legal High

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